New Website Live April 28 2016

Wow, its been a long four months of work updating and moving the new website to the Sierra platform. The website went live about 4:00am this morning, the move went well and the site is blazing fast!

It's been 12 years since I put up my first little Real Estate website. I had high hopes but never really dreamed it would become so integral to my business. I love that I have been able to connect with people literally all over the world. It is very satisfying to take an online conversation and turn it into first a business relationship, but often true friendship.

Zillow changed the world of Real Estate a few years ago unfortunately. It was in 2011 that I first started to see the effect on my website. I worked so hard to present unique relavent information on my site as well as access to information about homes for sale. My website had been #1 in the search results for most searches about Vancouver WA Homes for Sale. Within a couple of years my site had lost it's position to Z and T and was languishing around the bottom of page 1. Still better than other local Realtor websites, but the traffic tanked.

Today my website is still on page 1 or 2 of the search results, I still get most of my business from the website. I just wish people understood how Z and T and the other Real Estate portals work. The Realtors featured there pay thru the nose (often thousands of dollars a month) to be featured next to the home pictures. The reviews are often manufactured, and the bad ones are buried.

My hope for my clients is that they get to know Joe and I from browsing the website. Both of us are committed to what we do and we work hard to do whatever we need to do to make things happen and help people buy and sell homes.

In this crazy market we are in today, having a great Realtor who has your back is invaluable. Your actual Realtor, not an admin or assistant. The competition to buy a home is tough and Joe and I work for our clients to keep the purchase and sale process a smooth one.

Roianne Cox
Coldwell Banker Bain


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