Common Buyer Mistakes

Don't make the most common Buyer Mistakes!
Don't pay too much for a home
Don't lose the home you like to another buyer
Don't buy a home just because it's a good deal
Don't make an offer on a home without having all the information you need.

We help our clients get all the important information we can before you decide to make an offer on a home. We research homes that have recently sold in the area so you know what price to offer. We offer our unbiased opinion of what the home is worth in todays market. In a competitive market you want to make sure you make an offer that will be seriously considered but is not higher than the home is worth and you don't want to lose out to another higher offer.

Don't make an offer on the wrong home

We make sure that our clients have done their homework and have a good idea what they need vs want in a home. Price isn't everything and there is a reason for the old real estate saying, Location, Location, Location. Make sure you check out the neighborhood and the schools. Even if you don't have children, owning a home in a good school district is important to your resale value and the investment your home represents. Get a home inspection and use it to decide what repairs are necessary now vs later and if you can afford to make repairs the seller isn't willing to do.